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Shifting Gears

After publishing a graphic novel, as well as multiple animated videos utilizing two dimensional art, I decided to shift gears into a new artistic direction. I made this decision based on recommendations from many graphic artists, illustrators, game developers, animators, texture artists, special effects artists, and cinematographers. During development of my new animated video, "Terror in the Temple," I transitioned into three dimensional art using the Unreal engine by Epic Games. The Unreal engine was used by Epic Games to create the popular video game Fortnite. I utilized the Unreal engine to create the last thirty seconds of animation in "Terror in the Temple."

After creating a new three dimensional virtual world modeled after my graphic novel, "Portal of the Ancients: Book One of the Ancients Saga," I exported screenshots from the Unreal engine into Clip Studio Paint EX, to create two dimensional animation and effects from a three dimensional virtual world. I am using this same concept as I begin production on my next graphic novel, "Quest of the Ancients: Book Two of the Ancients Saga." After completing "Quest of the Ancients," I plan to start production on an animated series based on the "Ancients Saga," using the Unreal engine to produce true thirty frames per second animation in a full three dimensional environment.

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