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Here are reviews and comments about our website and graphic novel, "Portal of the Ancients:  Book One of the Ancients Saga"

"War burns through the galaxy in R. Benjamin Wesley’s Portal of the Ancients!  High priest Anormayne flees his planet to protect his apprentice.  Arriving on planet Urth, he must raise an army to fight back against the darkness coming to consume them.  I loved Wesley’s cool take on the battle of the angels and the mythology of his world!  This was an awesome read, perfect for any sci fi or mythology lovers out there!"  Joshua Grant

"Most frames featured a spectacular blend of vibrant yet easy to look at colors.  Each page looked like a work of art unto itself.  As I read through it, I did get a mild religious overtone or spiritual vibe, especially the unfolding struggle between good, Durlyn, Anormayne and Urtur versus evil, Falonayus and Protur, as well as, the occasional reference to the high priest.  Overall, it was an easy and interesting read augmented by spectacular visual presentations.  The novel terminates in a way that sets the predicate for the next novel, like the old fashioned serials we would watch as kids.  That provides the hook, the impetus to want to read the next novel in the series.  Doc, kudos to you on your debut work!"  Thomas Albertine

"This is my first graphic novel, so I did not know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Clearly much time and effort went into it.  Very impressive, indeed!  Kudos for publishing a first class novel."  Cathy Love

"I recently finished book one and am impressed with your graphics especially.  I am glad you placed a glossary of names in the back.  It helped me to keep up with who’s who.  I am looking forward to new releases.  Bill Gardner

"After reading the book, I can say it was a very good experience, and enjoyable.  I couldn’t wait to get back to it and learn what events would be occurring.  The characters and story line really got my attention and the drawings were powerful and very detailed.  Very imaginative and the story was told very well.  I liked the ending.  I would indeed recommend this book, seeing the graphics and illustrations unfold.  A very picturesque, attractive book.  Very action-packed!  A very fascinating read.  I truly enjoyed it, and look forward to book two!"  Betty Hopkins

"I just finished Portal of the Ancients.  I loved the artwork!  It was terrific.  Overall, it was a joy!  I’ll leave my copy out for friends to enjoy."  Tom Tighe  

"We enjoyed your book."  Helen Dietz

"I am astounded by the beautiful colors."  Karin Cuthill

"I like it!  Very different than what I mostly see out in graphic novel land."  Dave Dwonch

"Looks great!  Love the vibrant colors.  It draws the reader in.  I wish you great success with it!  Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

"I enjoy your imagery."  Tom Hartley

"I looked at your blog and love your illustrations.  The pages from your book are gorgeous."  Michelle Willms

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