War of Angels

In the motion picture The Prophecy, Christopher Walken plays the archangel Gabriel, who brings a war of angels in Heaven down to Earth. This war started between the angels loyal to God, and the angels allied with Gabriel, who is jealous of God's love for humans. In the Ancients Saga, the Divine creates the universe, and gives His angels authority over the humans who live on the planet Promos. Falonayus, His first angel, becomes jealous of humans on Promos, and tempts them to turn away from the Divine, and His messenger angel, Gabriolus. The Divine commands Gabriolus to build a portal from the collapsing star, Vellorum, near Promos. As Vellorum deteriorates into a quantum singularity, space and time tear, creating a wormhole. Gabriolus suspends this wormhole in time, and elongates it, so that it travels from Promos to a planet, Urth, at the other end of the galaxy.

From His celestial realm, the Oververse, the Divine strikes down Falonayus, and exiles him to another dimension, the Underverse. Falonayus waits in his new realm, plotting revenge against the Divine and Gabriolus. The human sect loyal to the Divine and Gabriolus are known as the Promosatti, or people of the promise. The Promosatti remain on Promos to populate, prosper, and worship the Divine through the teachings of Gabriolus. As Vellorum collapses into a black hole, the intense gravitational forces, along with the time and space distortion, confer telepathic and telekinetic powers to the Promosatti. The Divine directs Gabriolus to exile the disloyal humans, the Dromosatti, or people of the dark promise, to planet Urth. Gabriolus gathers the majority of the Dromosatti, and takes them through the portal to planet Urth, to start new lives away from the corruption of Falonayus. A few Dromosatti remain on Promos long enough to develop the telepathy and telekinesis of their Promosatti kin. They burrow beneath the surface of Promos to build underground cities, far removed from the light of the Divine and Gabriolus. The Dromosatti on Promos secretly repopulate themselves underground, and use their telepathic skills to obscure themselves from the Promosatti and Gabriolus. These events create the setting for Portal of the Ancients: Book One of the Ancients Saga.

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